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15. Jahrhundert

The Fifteen Oes

Vol. 61 The Fifteen Oes and Other Prayers

In 1491, at the command of two royal ladies – Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII, and Lady Margaret Beaufort, Henry’s mother – William Caxton published a small collection of prayers in Latin and English (STC 20195). The volume is now known as ‘The Fifteen Oes’ from its opening set of prayers.

Vol. 33 Four Middle English Sermons

Purchase this volume The four Middle English sermons from British Library, MS Harley 2268, for the occasions of the Annunciation/Passion Sunday, the Feast of St Mary Magdalene, a Procession, and a Dedication of an Altar to St Anne are edited here for the first time. Veronica O’Mara (ed.) They form an integrated group, sharing a consistency in content, a similarity… Read More »Vol. 33 Four Middle English Sermons