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The cover for MET Vol. 62

Vol. 62 The Middle English Mirror: Sermons from Quinquagesima to Pentecost

The Middle English Mirror, a fourteenth-century prose translation of the thirteenth-century Anglo-Norman Miroir by Robert de Gretham, is a text of cultural and linguistic value. As a cycle of sermons addressed to a lay audience, it offers extensive material for the study of popular preaching in fourteenth-century England. Four of the six surviving manuscripts exemplify that variety of fourteenth-century London language designated ‘Type II’ by M. L. Samuels.

A Christian Mannes Believes

Vol. 60 A Christian Mannes Bileeve

A Christian Mannes Bileeve (CMB) is a vernacular prose commentary on the Apostles’ Creed from possibly the first half of the fourteenth century and survives in four manuscripts. It has received little attention and has not previously been published.