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Vol. 18 The Vision of Tundale

Edited by Rodney Mearns (1985). Edition from BL MS Cotton Caligula A II

The Vision of Tundale is a translation in a popular verse form of a Latin prose text. The English poem, which numbers 2320 lines, survives in whole or in part in five mid- or late-fifteenth-century manuscripts, and was composed in octosyllabic couplets. The Latin work, which originates from Regensburg, southern Germany, and which belongs to the mid-twelfth century, relates a vision of the Otherworld.  The story became well known, and by the late medieval period had achieved a very wide provenance.  The Middle English version is known to survive in five manuscripts.  The Introduction discusses the genesis and transmission of the original text, the content and structure of the Middle English poem, the manuscripts and texts, language, and the Latin text. The Middle English text is presented with the Latin text set in parallel at the bottom of the page. The edition includes explanatory notes and a glossary.

This volume is currently out of print.