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Vol. 19 The Middle English Prose Complaint of Our Lady and Gospel of Nicodemus

Edition From Cambridge, Magdalene College, MS Pepys 2498

C William Marx, Jeanne F Drennan, (eds.) (1987)  The volume presents a critical edition of the Pepys text of the two linked narratives, with variants from University of Leeds, Brotherton Collection MS 501 and a parallel text of their Anglo-Norman source as preserved in BL MS Royal 20.B.V. The translation was made before the fourth-quarter of the fourteenth century, and the Middle English texts were later revised and expanded into a version surviving in Huntington HM 144, which is edited as an appendix in the volume. None of the texts has been printed. The linked works are of special interest as a compilation of a Marian narrative expanded and completed by large and newly adapted sections of the Evangelium Nicodemi, and as an example of the widespread devotional literature based on extended narratives of the Passion and Resurrection.